martedì 27 luglio 2010

I need your help #2

My dear international readers,

it's time for me to ask for your help again. I have a new item in my wishlist, that I'll never find here in Italy or somewhere online. I'm desperately looking for one bottle of SALLY HANSEN HIDDEN TREASURE.

I do need it, you know. So, if somebody would like to swap with me, I'll be happy to.

For those who don't know it, here it is:

As you can see, Milka is absolutely desperate and can't sleep without it.

If you want to contact me, just leave a comment here, or mail me at: (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Many many thanks. :)

6 commenti:

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven ha detto...

I'll see if I can find one.

Theallamenta ha detto...

Thank you Laura!
You're so kind :)

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven ha detto...

I haven't found one yet, but there are still about 15 other drugstores I need to try out.

Binara ha detto...

More bunnny pictures!!! ;o)

Lela - seaseight ha detto...

Che amore Milka!!!!!!!!!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven ha detto...

I've got one for you!! :o)
You can email me if you still need it.


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