martedì 26 aprile 2011

Easter Mani

This was my Easter manicure. I got inspired by this post from Karen.
I can't stop looking at my nail, this is so funny! I didn't wash it away, so I'm at work with these cute polka dots, today.
I guess I'm going to have many polka dots manis, I love it.
Next time I'll post a tutorial: it's super easy and you just need few simple things.

3 commenti:

Dony ha detto...

belline davvero!!!! Mi piace molto la scelta dei colori ^_^

Theallamenta ha detto...

Grazie! ^^
ho cercato di non fare troppo "effetto pulcino", ma adoro quel giallo! :)

KarenD ha detto...

Looks great! Thanks for linking me, too. :)


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